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Discover the timeless craftsmanship of FELLOW combined with modern innovation to create a custom suit.


Fellow makes custom suits and clothes for discerning men who want classic style or contemporary style as well the highest craftsmanship in tailoring. Fellow blends tradition and heritage alongside modern cut and finish. Fellow’s garments are hand-made by the finest and most experienced artisans in the world using only the high quality materials.

Since launching, we have gained many accolades and our suits are worn by some of the most stylish men in business, professional athletes and media. Style, and the confidence to wear it, are sewn into every Fellow custom clothes.

How It Works

Initial Consultation - Our suiting specialist will set up a one on one meeting at your convenience at our studio or your home/office.

Selecting Fabric - Browse through 5,000+ fabrics and 300+ linings from the finest mills sourced from the UK, Italy and all over the world..

Choose Style - Select fit, design, number of pockets and style, number of buttons, monogram,
lapel size & style, cuff(shirt), collars(shirt) and jacket vents.

Measurements - Our experienced suiting specialist will take 30 measurements to ensure a precise fit.

Tailors Handcraft Garment - Once you've made your choices and been fully measured, your fabrics, patterns, and measurements are brought together to create a handcrafted custom tailored suit.

Delivered - Four to six weeks later, you'll have a final fitting and if the fit meets
your expectations the suit stays with you. Rush orders on request.

Why Custom

Personal Touch - Our customization process allows you to choose the exact customizations you want for your suit or tuxedo. From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels, we build it the way you want it.

Interior Lining - Made from silk, these linings are breathable, durable, and able to draw sweat away from the body.

Made To Fit You - Our garments is made to your exact measurements, the days of searching for clothing to fit your body type are now a thing of the past.

Collar Felt - All our suits come with collar felts, the ultimate choice when it comes to quality. Try adding a splash of color to your suit by opting for a contrasting color that will match your lining choice.

Numerous Options - All of our customization options are complimentary and included in the price of your suit. Personalize your purchase down to the very last detail so you get the exact garment you want.

Fabrics - With more than 5,000 fabric swatches to choose from, there truly is something for everyone. Every conceivable color, pattern, texture, blend, composition and weave. In Summer weight, Winter weight, or all-season weights. We've got it all.

Monogram - Craft a unique personal message or initials and we will monogram it on the inside of any jacket, blazer or shirt sleeve to make your suit truly one of a kind.

Workmanship - Our tailors are as passionate about suits and take expert care in the assembly of your garments. From hand-stitching your jacket arm to the shoulder and reinforcing each button, your suit is being handled with care to the very last stitch.

What We Make


Dinner / Evening Jackets







Bow Ties & Neck Ties


Get Fitted

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